‘As far as I am concerned, I have never been in love. Can’t wait for my true love to find me’



My hips exist to bring children into this world

My breast exist to nurse my babies

My lips exist to speak my truth

My mind is my playground
It is where I dream beautiful things

It is in my heart that I plant the seeds of love

Its is through my blood that runs through my veins where I grow lasting trees of hope

Do not assume that I am yours

I am not your property

I am my own legacy

My purpose is to serve God by growing his population

Don’t assume I am here for you

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Food for thought

This week was hard for me. I had to make some hard decisions. And although I made them, my emotions still got the best of me.

One of the leading factors was religion. On this journey to understanding myself I had realized that I needed to know God. Two different religions how could anything possibly work?

Here’s what I learned. Religion is supposed to be a bridge that connects you to God. There are so many religions in the world but what matters most is that it helps you feel a sense of calmness when you pray.

If it helps you, then dont change for anyone.

That got me thinking. Religion is a personal thing. So I did some research, ‘interfaith marriages ‘. All the blogs I read concluded to just one thing. They worked because they were complete on a personal level first.

If you have to change someone religiously then are you really standing for what religion is supposed to do. And if you are changing someone just to belong then are you not placing someone above God himself.

One particular blog I read spoke about how they were both able to have a deeper connection in their own religions as well as to understand the other persons faith and beliefs.

My old view point was that I had to convert had I fallen for someone outside of my religion. Now my view point has changed. I say find yourself in God however that may be. The reason I came to that conclusion is this. Religion is not about proving which is right. It’s about finding a way to life. There’s a deeper meaning to life then the career, money and all that fun.

Religion is a sense of individuality. So often we just want to belong. But that’s not the point. The point is to exist in a pure state. A state that does not devide us religiously.

So I stand firm in this. In this modern day world, maybe, just maybe, we have lost the meaning of what religion is. Maybe it’s become about acquiring the masses. From all my thinking, I now know this. It is a choice, it is a practice. It a guideline to life. There’s isn’t a right or wrong one. What matters is how you interpret the word and how you use it to become one with God. Religion is like a painting. We may all see it differently.

I choose spirituality. Because this way I am able to treat the next person with love and not see them for their differences.

Love and light…

Creative Writing, Poems

Silent cry

Last night she sat by the window

Talking to the moon

She wondered if she could find love

The kind that made her heart smile

She shed a tear and felt her heart beat

Today she received flowers

The kind that every girl wants

She thought of her conversation with the moon

The moon must of heard her cries

She had felt noticed

Her heart warmed up

Her smile grew

She instantly knew who they were from

Her hope grew

He felt it too

He changed how she looked at love

In those flowers

She knew he was the one

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Caged bird

Oh but I love it

Keeping it locked up is not love

You must set it free

So that it can live

And not just survive

You are holding it back

The little thing is yearning to spread its wings

Look into its eyes

Its filled with wonder

Listen to its heart

It beats with excitement

It might get hurt

Keeping it caged is hurting it too

It might forget me

But you are wrong

It will carry the memory of you inside its little heart

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The Rose

The poem that started my journey as a writer.

Thoughts By Chanel Lee

bloom-blossom-cold-804417 Photo by Jenna Hamra from Pexels

In the acres of white snow

Stood in the far distance a bright and colorful red rose

The cold air from the icy winds had turned his heart into stone

Her soft touch would melt his fears

She had hope like the red rose in the white snow

Even through the cold she would continue to grow because her love was true

He had never seen such beauty

She stood out like thorns and pricked his imagination

She looked so content in her existence

She was untouched, strong and yet fragile

He wanted to make the red rose his

There was a fear inside him

Seeds of doubt occupied his mind

He had seen other flowers

But he had never seen a red rose in the acres of white snow

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Faith for Thought

I used to wonder why it did not all work out. What exactly was I missing in the planning of my future? At this point I did not have the degree, the paycheck, stylish clothes or the partner I was seeking.

At this point, I was depressed, sad and anxious about a future I wanted so desperately. My thoughts seemed empty and my heart felt hungry. Something in me was missing. I was burning with desire for more. I was looking for a certain type of love that no one could fulfill.

It was the middle of April when all I wanted to do was die so I could start over. I sat at a street corner looking at the moon crying my eyes out. I questioned everything I had believed in and everything I was told. I felt that for the first time in a long time, I really spoke to God.

And then it hit me. I was placing all of my desires above God. I was not being grateful. I was not trusting his timing nor was I placing my belief in his ways. I loved everything else but him. It dawned on me that it was time to grow a relationship with HIM. The person that never judged me. An unconditional love that it almost makes me uncomfortable.

Needless to say, I set out on a journey. A prayerful journey. I had become so caught up in my yearning to be someone that I had forgotten how to pray. At first it was hard. All I did was thank God for the blessings I had.

Eventually, I grew stronger and felt more at ease. I worry a bit less now and seek his approval in everything that I do. There seems to be a scripture that I keep running in to.

Submit to Him and he will make your paths straight.

I have long way to go. In my faith to just be happy, I believe I will get there. I promise to keep you posted on this journey. There is a certain kind of light that I seek.

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